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Home to the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco fares on every traveler’s wish list. The charming city is also known to be home to the original setting for the Summer of Love. People pour in this wonderful destination in mind-numbing numbers. Some come here for leisure travel and many others for a business visit, but no matter what brings them here, chances are that they all find a hotel accommodation to suit there requirement and budget type.

This former Gold Rush town, now California's fourth largest city, is laden with famous locations and movie imagery. Similarly, it is also replete with several kinds and types of hotels. Luxury hotels located close to popular attractions, cheap hotels scattered here, there and everywhere and everything in between, there’s no dearth of variety in SFO. Book a hotel room online, there are more than 300 hotels in the city that are listed over the Internet and all of them, and you are bound to find an attractive discount that fits your bill. So, when it comes to staying the city, consider any of the many budget hotels, with their promotional offers on at one point or the other, you’ll be in a for a great stay minus the price.